The following three e-learning modules are  to be  completed by all Cardiff University Graduate Entry, Year 1 Medical and Healthcare students. They also serve as useful refreshers for students that will be undertaking Practical Breakaway techniques for Violence and Aggression training.  The enrolment key is CardUni75%


Aseptic No Touch Technique (ANTT).


Main Learning Outcome – Describe the standard aseptic technique known as ANTT and its relevance to clinical procedures

Outcome Points:

a) Describe the principles of safe aseptic technique.

b) Identify the three main sources by which Key-Parts and Key-Sites can become contaminated by microorganisms during aseptic technique.

c) Describe why ANTT is used for all invasive clinical procedures including maintenance of invasive medical devices and why the aim of ANTT for all invasive clinical procedures is always asepsis.

d) Define and identify Key-Parts and Key-Sites.


Violence and Aggression (Modules A and B). 


Main Learning Outcome – To raise awareness of employers and employees rights and responsibilities and introduce key issues in the management of violence and aggression.

Outcome Points:

a) Define the terms ‘violence and aggression’.

b) Demonstrate an awareness of the staff support mechanisms available within the organisation and how to access this service.

c) Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of reporting incidents and be able to describe the process for reporting such incidents.