Business Intelligence Reports

ESR Business Intelligence (ESR BI) enables NHS Managers to performance manage their workforce and view the compliance of key workforce data.  ESR BI is accessible to ESR users via URPs including Self Service, enabling users to own their data, run reports and performance dashboards.

Key Benefits:

  • Performance – Direct managers to take key actions to manage their workforce
  • Speed - Almost ‘real-time’ information, transferred from ESR each night
  • Intuitive - Key dashboard indicators such as Absence, with the ability to drill to additional levels of detail
  • Simple - Easy to access and easy to use ‘on the spot’ reports
  • Data quality – Managers use the data, query it and change it
  • Local - Organisation ‘Super Users’ able to create and tailor dashboards and share with managers


Commencing in January 2019 are a new series of customised webinars  - tailored to the specific needs of the service.  These dates will be widely publicised and the presentations will be available on this site.